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Our History

Union Home Loan was established in 1991 as a privately owned and operated California Corporation.  Over the years, Union Home Loan's customer appetite expanded to cover nearly every type of real estate, including: residential, commercial, industrial, land, and special use.


Since that time, Union Home Loan has grown to process thousands of loans that total in the hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Union Home Loan History
Union Home Loan - A Private Money Lender

What We Do

Union Home Loan serves as a private money lender that underwrites, and funds (through investors), hard money loans from our in-house staff of brokers, sales agents, and industry specialists.  Additionally, Union Home Loan partners with FCI for loan servicing through the term of the loan.

Union Home Loan funds 1st and 2nd trust deed loans that are based on the property owner's equity in the subject property (not income or credit).  The only two caveats are that 1) Union Home Loan can only make loans on for real property in California and 2) that the properties are investment properties (not owner occupied).

Union Home Loan makes all funding decisions in-house and can fund approved loans in 10 days or less.

Our Mission

Union Home Loan is a firm believer in the necessity of direct lenders and hard money loans.  We aim to provide financial liquidity to borrowers that are sidelined by the traditional institutional lending system.

Our hard money loans are faster (days instead of months) than traditional lenders, are based on equity in the property instead of income or credit (bad credit and low income are welcome), and our loans do not require extensive income or tax documentation.

Financial markets and traditional lenders can be extremely misleading in the current environment. Many borrowers go down the path of a traditional bank lender only to find last minute restrictions, requirements, and other pitfalls that delay funding and put their deal at risk. Now, more than ever, banks require more documentation and take longer to approve and fund loans – up to 60 days in some cases! In these cases, equity financing via a private money lender such as Union Home Loan is the answer.

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