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Commercial Hard Money Loans in California

Commercial Hard Money Loans in California

Commercial Hard Money Loans Explained

"Union Home Loan provides  California commercial hard money loans based on the equity that each borrower has in the prospective commercial property."

Conventional Commercial Loans

Procuring conventional commercial real estate loans are typically long and complicated processes which include heavy scrutiny of the financials of both the property and the borrower.  Conventional loans can take months to get to the closing phase, and even after closing, the release of funds can take weeks or months - all of which have negative repercussions for the investor.

Private Lender Commercial Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are generally offered by private lenders.  Private lenders are able to process equity based hard money loans in matters of weeks without the need for in-depth inspection of the borrowers income, tax filings, and credit history.  Decisions are primarily based on the value of the commercial property and the amount of equity that the prospective borrower has in the property.

Union Home Loan Promises

Bad Credit is OK!

BAD CREDIT CAN QUALIFY!  Our commercial hard money loans are based off of the amount of equity held in the commercial property - not the borrower's credit score.

Funding Within 10 Days

Union Home Loan can fund almost any approved loan in 10 days or less!  Union Homoe Loan researches, approves, underwrites, and funds all loans through its in-house departments which ensures fast & accurate decision making.

We Are a Direct Lender

Union Home Loan is a direct lender and makes all funding decisions in-house.  This means that, if approved, we can fund your hard money loan without approaching a traditional lender.

Commercial Hard Money Loan Application

Please complete the application below and know that all information will be kept strictly confidential. Union Home Loan will respond within two business days.

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